About Us

Welcome to Boho Beach Souls! We are a small family and Veteran owned business focusing on offering items that restore, rejuvenate and revive your soul! Everybody has a story; our store is built on a story. Our names are Audrey and Jason Linta and we have lived in Florida for 3 years. My husband, Jason, retired as a Firefighter from the Air Force in 2019 after serving our country for over twenty-three and a half years. My background is within the medical profession, over 30 years. Jason & I have been married 25 years, we have 3 amazing, loving kiddos, aka- young adults. We are a very tight knit family! Our oldest daughter and our fabulous son-in-law have blessed us with two grandsons that are our entire universe! Life moves fast that’s for sure!

In November of 2022 I had an insane vision about opening our own small family business. Many moons ago I thought about a small business venture but due to our busy lives with 3 littles so close in age, the timing wasn’t quite right.

Fast forward to a few months in September right before my husband retiring from the military in 2017, he was out processing and to condense this long story; he was having a routine eye exam to obtain a new eye prescription and glasses. During that visit he was asked if there was anything else he needed and he responded with, “I would like a CT scan of my head”. The provider was quite surprised! Jason shared he had some pain, consistent headaches and difficulty looking upward in his right eye. We fast forward again a few weeks later, scan is complete, and he is told he has a mass behind his right eye. A biopsy needs to be performed. On December 1, 2017, we were told his mass/tumor was malignant and he had cancer. Not just cancer but a 1 in ten million rare terminal cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland.

Since his diagnosis he has had multiple surgeries, including removal of his right eye recently. We travel out of state for all of his surgeries, treatments and follow ups every three months for the rest of his life. Since 2017 I have struggled to maintain steady employment due to travel and being a caregiver after his surgeries and traveling every three months, along with the expenses the Veterans Administration doesn’t cover because we travel outside of our resident state. This idea was now the only option to sustain a passive consistent income to afford travel and other necessities. To add a cherry on top of this story, since 2017 to current, multiple immediate family members have been diagnosed with cancer. Absolutely insane to say the least!

In a nutshell, I envisioned a shop that could help not only cancer patients and raising awareness about the rare cancer Jason battles, but we wanted to cater to all walks of life. This includes individuals that deal with other illnesses, from arthritis, intestinal issues, mental health disorders, amongst many other issues and health related problems. I knew I wanted to make a difference in our community by taking a leap of faith and giving this entrepreneurial thing a shot. Absolutely clueless about being a business owner, as the medical industry is my comfort zone. I knew deep in my soul, this was it! The time was now, we are a unique, eclectic shop and are sharing our story, but we want to be an ear for others and their stories, because the fact is, we all have a story!

In November I applied for my EIN and did all the necessary paperwork and applications to start this new venture. I’ve always wanted to live close to the beach, my husband retired, we moved back here in 2020 after meeting initially back in 1997 in Fort Walton Beach. In November 2022 I told him and our family, “I can’t do corporations anymore and continue chasing my tail for employment”. I need to be able to have a consistent stream of income and do something that still involves helping others. Boho Beach Souls is the name I came up with. I love the Bohemian vibe; I love the beach and love meeting new souls. There is so much more meaning to our shop than just product we research, and I hope you will visit us or follow our social media pages to learn more about why we are here and what we offer the community and tourists.

Self-care & wellness items are the core of the shop, and we will offer items that make people feel comfortable, loved, secure, accepted and valued. Whatever your self-care and wellness routine is, we want to be your go to shop. We will offer items from bath bombs, essential oils, inspirational and affirmation items. This includes journals, candles, incense, crystals, body scrubs, yoga items, tinctures, herbal salves, elixirs, roll-ons, aromatherapy, affirmation jewelry, singing bowls, home items, yoga and meditation items and so much more! A majority of our products are organic, vegan, soy and all natural. You’ll have to visit to see it all!

We look forward to this new journey for our family and all the things it has in store for us. I’ve learned a lot over the last 5 years caregiving for Jason and I’m more in tune to what makes his soul feel restored, rejuvenated and revived. We can’t wait to hear what wellness and self-care items you have, want, or need. Welcome to Boho Beach Souls where we hope your soul feels restored, rejuvenated and revived after visiting our shop! We are a store with a story! 🧡🌿

Boho Beach Souls style is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into a modern eclectic shop. Our goal is to enhance the senses for relaxation, calmness and happiness. Quality of life is so important with all the challenges of mental and physical health in this ever-changing world we live in. Incorporating things to soothe individuals' skin, senses and bring comfort, peace and happiness to them are important. We will cater to all walks of life! Let’s restore, rejuvenate & revive your mind, body & soul! 🌿

With Love~
The Linta Family ♥️