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Arthritis Relief Organic Cream

Arthritis Relief Organic Cream

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Arthritis Turmeric Ginger Arnica Pain Relief by TM Organics

Cream is formulated to soothe, relieve, and heal achy joints caused by arthritis, inflammation, or injuries. Our rich cream delivers rapid-absorbing moisture to soothe your pain and support healthy cartilage and ligaments that surround your joints. Natural ingredients like turmeric help reduce inflammation while ginger helps relieve pain naturally.

distilled water, plant emulsifier, extracts of

  • lavender, *chamomile, *arnica, and *st. john's wort, *coconut oil, *shea butter, coenzyme a10,
  • peppermint, *rosemary, and *lavender essential oils, citric acid, and phenoxyethanol | *organic


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