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Tongue Drum Multi-color print

Tongue Drum Multi-color print

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The steel tongue drum is beautifully finished with Colorful Paisley pattern print 8"hardened steel tongue drum emits pure, soothing notes. Protective finish guards against tarnishing, scuffs, and scratches. Three rubber feet isolate the drum sonically for unfettered tone. The Steel Tongue Drum also includes a convenient carrying bag and also includes two soft rubber mallets.

Great for yoga studios, sound therapy centers, Sound Bath classrooms, more, The Steel Tongue Drum yields an ethereal, tranquil tone that's sure to full you into a relaxing state of mindfulness, calming your storms and helps with anxiety and stress. You'll adore the soft steel pan-like sound of this scaled-down drums.
These Drums are not tuned
Each note resonated to different frequencies.These are tuned to a chromatic scale & you can play different notes to achieve the frequency you want.
Anyone can play this instrument with the included mallets or with your fingers regardless of your skill and permitting you to make soothing percussive tones right from the get-go.

8 inch with bag for meditation 

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