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Boost Herbal Smoke Wands

Boost Herbal Smoke Wands

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Herbal smoke wands for energy and optimism; handmade


BOOST herbal smoke wands are filled with herbs to uplift the mood, soothe the mind, and revitalize the energy around you. Calendula has been demonstrated to assist in raising serotonin levels, making these an excellent tool for when you're feeling a little low. These wands can be used in a multitude of ways including cleansing the home, blessing ritual tools, and preparing the mind for a busy day.

Each tin comes with six 1 1/4-size wands, hand-packed in RAW unfiltered cones, labeled with usage disclaimers and ingredients.

ELEMENTS: raspberry leaf, mullein, calendula (marigold), skullcap, spearmint

NOTES: spice, orange, mint, berries, bitters

FEEL: calm wave of energy, present, at peace, naturally happy, daytime

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

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